Why Reading the Bible is Important to Build Faith for Christians

The bible has a lot to say about God and His nature makes up the rock of the scripture. As you learn more about Him, reading the bible will also show you how human behave. There are many passages talking about human nature, its strengths and weaknesses and how this can be affected by the grace of God. Reflect on the words and teachings and new understanding will be revealed to you, which will pave the way for you to become a better person and also to deal with others more effectively. Many of the events that happened in the bible are heavy on the chest but for a reader who is doing an online bible study, sometimes you tend to look at it from a higher plane, like these events happened in another world. But in reality, all of it happened here. For better understanding, go down into the details and focus on the people who had to deal with these events. Try to envision yourself in their position. You will find that it opens up your mind more as you see and feel the events from a closer perspective.

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    Love the site! A free bible download on my iphone is cheaper than buying the app

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