5 Tips to Improve Your Bible Reading With Online Bible Study

Reading the bible is an important activity to build faith for Christians. Here are 5 tips for you to understand the Word better and benefit more from an online bible study.

Conducting an online bible study by yourself or with a group is a good way to grow closer to God. Here are some tips for you to get more out of the activity and improve yourself, your faith, and your truth in the process.


What does this tell me about God?

Doing online bible study will give you a better glimpse into the nature and character of God. As you read the narrative found on the bible, you will learn how God acts, moves, and what He teaches and expects from you. It is not always easy to understand these things. Sometimes you have to look past the details of the text and ask what they tell you about God based on your own understanding. The passages will speak out to you and will show you the many reasons why you should love God and worship Him.


What does this tell me about myself or about people?

The bible has a lot to say about God and His nature makes up the rock of the scripture. As you learn more about Him, reading the bible will also show you how human behave. There are many passages talking about human nature, its strengths and weaknesses and how this can be affected by the grace of God. Reflect on the words and teachings and new understanding will be revealed to you, which will pave the way for you to become a better person and also to deal with others more effectively.


What if it were me?

Many of the events that happened in the bible are heavy on the chest but for a reader who is doing an online bible study, sometimes you tend to look at it from a higher plane, like these events happened in another world. But in reality, all of it happened here. For better understanding, go down into the details and focus on the people who had to deal with these events. Try to envision yourself in their position. You will find that it opens up your mind more as you see and feel the events from a closer perspective.


How does this fit into the grand narrative?

Across the Old and the New Testament, the bible is made up of story to story. Each leads to another and every event is a part that over-arches into another story. As you read and progress with your online bible study. Try to see where the passages are leading you and analyze how they fit into the grand narrative. Sometimes you have to go through entire chapters just to see the clear picture and develop an understanding. By looking at the pieces to form a whole, you also give yourself the chance to see the plan of God.


What if I have many questions?

There is no doubt, as you continue the online bible study, you will develop questions in your mind about the events that occurred and how God or the people dealt with them. Other times, the narrative can overwhelm you that you end up lost and your head filled with many questions. The best way to handle this is to not let it overwhelm you and take it one question at a time. You do not have to understand everything at once. The truths are revealed better when you gradually progress and meditate over some obscure passage. Be patient as you go on learning more and understanding more until you can apply the Word practically and allow it to change your life.


How will this change me?

As you read, the passages will tell you things about how to live your life and shed light on important matters that you need to know, stop, change, or do. Careful study of the bible reveals many teachings, which will allow you to improve on every aspect of your life. Some chapters or books are easy to understand while others require more time and focus. The key is to be committed to your online bible study so you build on your faith and truth every day.



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  1. Comment by Tonya Snipes:

    I am Extremely Excited to open my Heart and mind up and allow the words of the Lord to Change me from the inside and out… I am a Child of God’s , That just needs to get deeper into his words and teaching.

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