How to Reach Out to the Needy

Love the unlovely, it is said in the free bible reference. This may not be very easy if you have no clue what is being experienced by the unlovely daily. When you are trapped in your comfortable and entitled world, understanding the plight of the needy may not come naturally, so immerse yourself. Find opportunities where you can volunteer for a local mission or whatever outreach program there is to open your eyes and give you a more hands on experience. The experience will be shocking, a very good eye opener indeed. Through this, you develop more empathy and giving will come naturally to you as you develop a more open and realistic perspective to what others have to go through daily. When you understand how much others struggle every day, buying things you really do not need become more difficult. Think about the starving children in the poorest areas across the globe and imagine the difficulty those without a roof above their heads deal with every night. The more aware you are of these things, the more you become grateful for what you have and the more you foster frugality and generosity. Be conscious. Like what the free bible reference says, you will learn a lot about your relationship to material things become more generous with others.

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