5 Tips to Act on Readings From the Free Bible Reference and Really Make a Difference

If you read a free bible reference, you know the things God expects you to do towards others. Take action today and reach out to the needy with these 5 tips.

If you read a free bible reference, it says take care of the poor, give to the needy, and love the unlovely, among other things. It sounds simple enough but how much of it do you really do? Here are 5 things you can do today to move from simply reading to action and making a big difference in the world.


Be a shopping saint. This one is not really hard to do. When you shop or eat out, pick establishments that give a portion back to worthy causes. There are many out there. You just have to be conscious about it. Go to stores who share a part of their profit in building houses for the poor. Eat at restaurants who sponsor feeding programs. Buy clothes from brands that support orphans. Get your coffee from a shop that helps educate children in third world countries. You hardly make any effort really. You still get or purchase what you need. The only change is in supporting businesses that take care of the less fortunate, who you indirectly help too. You instantly follow the love your neighbor rule as stated in your free bible reference.


Give automatically. You might have come across the sentence ‘Give until it hurts’ from your free bible reference, stressing how important it is to be generous with what you have and to manage it well so that more will be given to you. It is all about developing a habit of giving. One clever strategy to do this is to become a personal ATM. Set up processes with your bank that sends money out automatically monthly or quarterly to your chosen cause. This can be for a student grant to an orphan in another country or a portion of your income that goes to building schools. The point is to give the money regularly. It does not have to be a huge amount at first. You can easily start with something that is comfortable to you and as you become more committed to the act, that amount will increase. It cannot be helped really because the impact of what you are doing will motivate you to only do it more.


Sell your stuff. Clean your closet, basement, or storage and sell the stuff you have accummulated over the years, the stuff that you do not use but may still be of function to others. Whatever money you end up gathering, donate it. This is an activity that not only will allow you to give to the needy as instructed by the free bible reference, it will also help you to clean out clutter and create more storage space at home. It does not matter where you donateĀ  the revenue. Give it to a senior home, to an organization that supports military families, or to a group that takes care of children with multiple disabilities. Whatever cause appeals to your heart, go to them and what you do will make a huge difference for them.


Immerse yourself. Love the unlovely, it is said in the free bible reference. This may not be very easy if you have no clue what is being experienced by the unlovely daily. When you are trapped in your comfortable and entitled world, understanding the plight of the needy may not come naturally, so immerse yourself. Find opportunities where you can volunteer for a local mission or whatever outreach program there is to open your eyes and give you a more hands on experience. The experience will be shocking, a very good eye opener indeed. Through this, you develop more empathy and giving will come naturally to you as you develop a more open and realistic perspective to what others have to go through daily.


Save up. When you understand how much others struggle every day, buying things you really do not need become more difficult. Think about the starving children in the poorest areas across the globe and imagine the difficulty those without a roof above their heads deal with every night. The more aware you are of these things, the more you become grateful for what you have and the more you foster frugality and generosity. Be conscious. Like what the free bible reference says, you will learn a lot about your relationship to material things become more generous with others.