5 Tips To Better Bible Reading With Help From Free Bible Guide

Reading the bible daily is an important part of Christian life, and doing this with the help of a free bible guide online aids in better understanding. Here are 5 tips to practice today to develop the habit and get the most out of the activity.

Have some basic study tools.

To begin with, pick a study bible that has cross references and a concordance. A concordance is a very helpful bible study tool. It is exhaustive in its treatment of the words of the English bible and further links the English words to a dictionary of the Hebrew and Greek terms for better understanding. There is also a Treasury of Scripture Knowledge that has been around since 1836 and it provides thousands of cross references. Additionally, you can find a free bible guide to make your search quicker.


Begin with prayer.

Before proceeding read, talk to God and ask Him to open your eyes and allow you to understand His word. Most times, understanding everything the bible has to say is difficult. It takes a lot of openness and focus to really absorb everything but through prayer, you can ask God to give you all you need to get the most out of the activity. Have your bible and free bible guide open and ready then pray that understanding be given to you.


Establish a time.

Getting the most from the bible depends on habitual reading. For this, you must establish a routine, a particular time each day that you spend reading so that you do it daily and not hit and miss. It depends on your schedule what time you pick but pick the best for you. Some recommend first thing in the morning when your mind is fresh and not distracted by the order of the day but it really depends on what works best for you. What matters is you have a time committed to reading your bible with your free bible guide ready to help you out.


Have a private reading place.

Think about it this way: when you are reading your bible with your free bible guide, it is like you are inviting God to speak to you and teach you things. Do you think you can spend time with God effectively if you are in a crowded place where people are talking or eating and there is just a ton of distraction going on around you? The best thing to do to maximize reading the bible is to do it in a private and quiet place that helps you to focus and really understand. It helps if you do it in one place every time so that you establish a routine and it helps with the mindset.


Establish a reading plan.

First, you have to understand that there is a difference between reading and studying the bible. Reading is the easier of the two. You have to get into the habit of reading the bible to help get to know it and understand it better. By continuous reading, you eventually find the openness of mind necessary to extract the valuable truths out of it. Next is to study the bible. With studying, it normally takes a longer time. You read slower, go over passages individually and analyze them, as well as doing topical studies, outlining books, using commentaries and others. With studying, a free bible guide helps tremendously. Also, you should read systematically, all the way through. The bible has many sections but in all, it is just one book. Each complements the other and you have to go through all of it to piece everything together. This means reading both the Old Testament and New Testament. You can easily do this by reading a portion from each book daily. In a year, you can easily finish reading if you do it continuously and you will understand more of it with the help of a free bible guide.


  1. Comment by Gwen:

    Thank you for the direction – May God Bless You!

  2. Comment by Holly R.:

    These are some great points, I’m going to try them in my every day. Thank you – God Bless you!

  3. Comment by LANCE TROUPE:

    I have a very big old Bible, and I have for years wanted to read it. It is very brittle and the pages have to be turned very carefully. I’m excited about learning of the guide to reading this fantastic book. So how do I get started with the guide? Thank you!

  4. Comment by Debra Headley:

    I choose this website so I could listen to the bible and I have a lot of things to do but I cannot find how to listen to the bible free online. Do you supply that?

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