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Tips to Act on Readings From the Free Bible Reference

Posted April 24, 2014 By Bible Guide

If you read a free bible reference, it says take care of the poor, give to the needy, and love the unlovely, among other things. It sounds simple enough but how much of it do you really do? Here are 5 things you can do today to move from simply reading to action and making a big difference in the world. This one is not really hard to do. When you shop or eat out, pick establishments that give a portion back to worthy causes. There are many out there. You just have to be conscious about it. Go to stores who share a part of their profit in building houses for the poor. Eat at restaurants who sponsor feeding programs. Buy clothes from brands that support orphans. Get your coffee from a shop that helps educate children in third world countries. You hardly make any effort really. You still get or purchase what you need. The only change is in supporting businesses that take care of the less fortunate, who you indirectly help too. You instantly follow the love your neighbor rule as stated in your free bible reference.

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